Guest Post: Handbag(s) of the Week – Matt & Nat


 This guest post was submitted by Deka of That's Hideous! Deka writes…

I love Matt & Nat bags. They are a stylish alternative to your typical leather bag. They are 100% vegan – no animal products or by-products are used. The designers have done a good job of staying current with their designs, using fun colors, and offering a variety of shapes and sizes. I really like the same-tone stitching and bold, sturdy hardware. The crinkled exterior adds texture and uniqueness. The best part is getting a great bag at a reasonable cost. Their bags range from $165 to $350. Here are few of my favorites, and you can visit Matt & Nat here.



Deka is the writer of That's Hideous! and lives in San Francisco, California. She brings attention to all things ugly: fashion, handbags, shoes, jewelry, celebrities, politics, furniture, and gadgets.

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