Crimes of Fashion

[Guest Post] Fashion on a Budget: Why is it so hard?

Cassandra writes…

Being a college kid and loving clothes and fashion doesn’t always mesh well.  Trying to buy cute, flattering clothes on a budget doesn’t have to be impossible, but lately, CERTAIN affordable stores (*cough* Forever 21 and Wet Seal, I’m lookin’ at you! *cough*) have decided that the best way to show off a sleek, young silhouette is to slash the pattern into stripes…. Now, I’m all for stripes and prints done the right way, but looking like an item got wrinkled before the printing process isn’t exactly chic.  Take this otherwise acceptable tank top from Forever 21:


And the placement of those stripes! What a way to make your hips look gigantic…. Sheesh!

Another culprit was found at Body Central:

But the worst of all was found at Wet Seal:


Not only does it have stripes, but foiled dots and ruching too!  Whatever happened to “less is more”?

Up until stumbling across these monstrosities, I didn’t even know this style had a name… Sublimation. Now, I don’t remember a whole lot from high school chemistry, but I think sublimation is when a substance goes from a solid straight to a gas. What on earth does that have to do with this style? Maybe the rest of the pattern evaporated right off the fabric?? All I know is that even though I have to buy on a budget, when I buy a shirt or dress, I want the whole thing, pattern and all!

So, fashion jury, what’s your verdict? Does buying on a budget mean we have to settle for less? Do we just have to accept that flattering fashion can’t be bought on a college kid income? Or should we realize that a passing trend doesn’t signal the downfall for affordable fashion?

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