Guest Post: Anna Sui’s runway collection – wallflowers steer clear!


Nikki Smith writes…

I have to admit that after spending a good while on I was less than inspired, until I came across Anna Sui’s latest eclectic Spring/Summer collection, with her mix of crazy colours, styles and patterns. It was very exciting for me, the non-typical girl who hates wearing what everyone else wears and is usually bored to tears just looking through collections from such so-called fabulous designers who can’t come up with a unique idea between them.

Cleverly Miss Sui had even incorporated the colours in various hairstyles of the models. From blue, to pink to red depending on the outfit the model was wearing. Fabulous indeed.

Although at first glance the kooky outfits look either hard to pull off or just a little wild for some shrinking violets, if you look again and possibly take away the crazy props and hair, you simply have a cute outfit in most instances, ranging from pretty floral dresses, which have been seen all over the runway, a little tartan injection, sheer and the high waist, all incredibly popular this season.

My favourite pieces from her collection are the cream pinstriped trouser suit (mainly because I have a pair just like them but an in dire need of the matching jacket), the gorgeous black pinstriped high waist trousers with sailor buttons and multi coloured striped shirt, her pretty beige ditzy floral ra ra dress (without the blue socks!) and finally the red and white striped dress (you will by no means miss this one) and I am in great anticipation waiting for the high street to make a version innately similar to this so I can snap it up in an instant.

So girls, if you are looking for some inspiration and are simply not getting it anywhere else then I would advise you to take a little trip to and have a glance for yourself, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Nikki Smith is a 23 year old singer/songwriter/crazy fashion obsessive from Portsmouth, England. Check out her music at


  • June 17, 2008


    I´m in love with the first outfit!!! at first instance, the red dress looked soooo cool but there´s something weird on the arms of the model…

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  • June 17, 2008

    nikki smith

    oh yes indeedy, i am in love with the whole collection, still waiting for something like it on the high street but nothing as yet 🙁

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  • June 17, 2008


    I saw these pictures a few months ago and absolutely fell in love with the whole collection. I even found some hi-res pictures to save on my computer. But I was a little disappointed that no one else had seem to pick up on the awesomeness of the clothes. I’m glad I’m not alone now!

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  • August 12, 2008


    still waiting for the shops to sell it 🙁
    how i wish i was rich enough to buy the real stuff *feels very sad* 🙂

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