Guest Post: Dress You Up in My (‘80s) Love


This guest post was written by Karen Buscemi. Karen writes…

 With the prominence of the ‘80s resurgence on the fall runways, I’m thankful I had the good sense to save one key piece from that decade which will be relevant come September: my fingerless Madonna gloves, purchased specifically to wear to the Like a Virgin Tour, circa 1986.

You’ve probably witnessed trends you once loved and wore enthusiastically – then later cringed at when revisiting old photos of yourselves – come back into fashion. When harem pants reappeared this spring, I swore I would never allow that style to touch my body again. The same went for padded shoulders. I had nightmarish flashbacks of my childhood, remembering my family doubled over laughing while viewing slides of me in what appeared to be a homage to Boy George and David Bowie.

And yet, my closet is filling again with both trends. Why have I agreed to go back there?

I realized what was once old – and now considered hideous – could become new again, by taking what made the trend special and creating a fresh version.  Fabric is a major factor in making these trends more modern. Old ‘80s was based on bright, boxy looks and gads of cheap cotton that did little to enhance the body. The 2009 take on the decade, however, employs a gorgeous selection of fabrics, including soft jersey, rich wool, and sensuous silk and chiffon that show off the body and look as good as they feel.

Thanks to the ‘80s rebirth, Madonna has the opportunity to come full circle with her fashion sense. The gloves are on, Material Girl.

Rock your own pair of fingerless gloves with a modern fishnet twist, from Fox Martin Corp. At $4.82, they’re as affordable as they were back in the day. You can buy them here.

KarenBuscemi Author Bio:
Karen Buscemi, a veteran fashion journalist (, has been writing professionally for more than a decade, with articles published in Figure, Self, Successful Living, Women’s Health, The Detroit News, and a number of local magazines. She is currently the editor and fashion stylist at StyleLine, a high-end fashion magazine for metro Detroit.

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