Amanda Nicole, you are so so so so so right. …

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Amanda Nicole, you are so so so so so right. She even let the strands hang down so it looks a little like she has a crop.

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Guess Who?
Kate Moss.
Agyness Deyn.
Sienna Miller.

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Star Style Wars: Diane Kruger Vs Angelina Jolie at the Inglorious Basterds premiere
Diane. A black leather cocktail-type dress? Weird. Plus, I feel like I’ve seen this look on her a bazillion times.

All eyes on your breasts with French Connection’s ‘Lashes’ sweater
I wish it was oriented differently so that they weren’t on your boobs. I like the way the eyes look. Maybe if they stuck the eyes on a little tote or something.

Lingerie t-shirt from Forever 21: underwear as outerwear
Hmm… I kind of like it, but it’s hideous at the same time. I’d like it better if it was like a corset-type thing.

Wear or Die: prison attire, a.k.a. more denim jumpsuits
Option B looks like mom jeans attached to a denim top, so definitely Option A. You could wear a cute top underneath and unzip the zip really low.

Fashion Police Caution: Leighton Meester at the advance screening of ‘Spread’
It’s like designer Nike gone bad.

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