Apparently Paris has met a guy over here and thinks …

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Apparently Paris has met a guy over here and thinks it’s “really cool”. I can’t imagine anything worse when I go out in a super trendy bar in Shoreditch than bumping into her!!

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Guess Who?
I’m going with Agyness. Incidently, isn’t that an Alexander McQueen clutch? Love it!

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Fashion Police Gold Star for… Kelly Osbourne at the Shaun White Snowboarding Video Game launch party
I love this dress!!! Where is it from? I must know! I need it!!

Save or Splurge: Tiered prom dresses by Miu Miu and Red Herring
If the Miu Miu dress had the sweetheart neckline of the Debenhams dress I think it would be better.

Wardrobe Malfunction or Adorably Quirky? Joss Stone in odd shoes at the 2008 “Imagine There’s No Hunger” campaign launch
It looks like she sewed some mail sacks together for her dress. I would say, in comparison to the hideous dress, the shoes are a minor offence that only really needs a slap on the wrist.

Caption Competition: ‘September’ at the Melbourne Cup
I thought it was Gwen Stefani to begin with!
“You paid HOW MUCH for all that BacoFoil??!”

Would you pay $300 for a carrier bag? (Well, it IS leather..)
I have the red one on my Christmas list! I really love it! Sad I know but I love my reuseable carrier bags and this is like the king of reuseable carrier bags!

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