I’d think Paris Hilton :) …

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I’d think Paris Hilton 🙂

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Thayer’s ‘Flatter’ top: not particularly flattering…
I’d say that this is a FLUTTERING top. Haha.
Reminds me of fishes. 🙂

Fashion Police Gold Star for…Eva Mendes in yellow dress and over-the-knee boots at Heathrow Airport
For some reason, I think she kinda looks like Anne Hathaway in this pic.

Guess Who?
Definitely not Lindsay Lohan.
Remember her untanned feet?

Forever 21 take the recession seriously, make skirts out of old scraps
When paired with a plain white tank and some flats, I kinda think this would look okay.

Sheer Hell – the fashion crime of the year
Lookit the picture at the right! And what is she wearing! Lookit the boots, man! The boots! haha

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