Katie holmes? kate moss? …

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katie holmes?
kate moss?

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Star Style Wars: Kate Hudson V. Anne Hathaway, round 3
I love Anne’s dress but it’s too pale for her. Kate wins.

Michelle Obama wears Isabel Toledo dress and coat for inauguration
Beautiful dress, elegant and regal, Michelle looked great. I’m not crazy about the color, but she pulls it off very nicely.
The green gloves looked weird tho. Same for the color of the shoes. I wish the gloves and shoes were different.
10AM bling for prez inauguration was appropriate me thinks.

Aretha Franklin’s hat steals show at Barack Obama’s inauguration
I love that hat! Couldn’t agree with you more, Fashion Police. 🙂

Victoria Beckham for Armani: what do you think?
i think these are very nice. much nicer than madonna’s.

Madonna for Louis Vuitton: what do you think?
I rather liked the first 2 photos. The third one however, is just awful. Too much crotch emphasis.

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