I’m going to guess Victoria Beckham. …

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I’m going to guess Victoria Beckham.

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Fashion Police at the Chanel Fall Winter 2010 Collection: celebrity arrivals and runway shots
Interesting. While I likely wouldn’t wear them, my mind may change about that when there are a few feet of snow on the ground and it’s in the single digits in Farenheit.

Style Challenge: What to wear with jeggings
I went with the rocker look. I think I would actually wear these if I wore them with this kind of outfit.


Christopher Kane for Topshop: what do you think?
Oh God, this belongs on Winona’s blog, Daddy Likey, on her Don’t Show-cha Your Chocha day.

Fashion Police declare State of Emergency as Snuggie holds a fashion show
Exactly. Living in an area where a two foot snow isn’t uncommon in the winter, Snuggies, Slankets, or whatever iteration you have are for sitting around the house, not freezing. They are not for being worn outside. First pajamas as outerwear, now it’s just the blanket.

Kelly Osbourne wears everything but the kitchen sink around her neck
I like the necklace, but I love big jewelry. I think it would look better with the outfit if her shirt didn’t have those shoulder pads. Too much going on too close to her neck. I don’t know what’s going on with her hair here.

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