I love the colour, I love the style and I …

Comment on Dress of the Day: Green frill-edge dress from Dorothy Perkins by Fozzie.

I love the colour, I love the style and I HATE the material. It looks like it is made from green gardening bags. If it didn’t look like it needs a damn good iron, I’d be tempted and I love the potential movement around the bottom of the skirt.

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Wear or Die: The Wrong Trousers
Oh god! This is one of the hardest ones yet!
I pick option 2, because at least I won’t look like I have incontinence knickers that have gone wild. I’d rather look like I was attacked by the thigh eating monster.

Strange Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana sequined pumps
I have to admit, I love them both. I like the freaky footwear. I need help!

Handbag of the Week: Mulberry Maggie in green patent
*wonders if the kids really need Xmas presents*
That bag is gorgeous!

Harem Horrors: Dorothy Perkins’ black droopy jumpsuit
Oh noooo! It looks like the made a nice top, then added any material they had left over to create a monstrosity. It’s a Frankenstein’s monster of fashion and would look perfect with the stiletto bag and sock boots, the other freaky amalgamation beasts.
If I see anyone wearing it, I shall be forced to beat them with a big muddy stick.

Crime of Fashion: Office’s ‘Loopy’ pink elastic sandals
Oh dear!!! I used to own a pair of those in the early 90’s. However, they were £2 and for walking on the beach.
Still, I feel I have to apologise to the world for my horrible fashion mistake. Just say no, people!

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