Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has better things to do than worry about saggy pants

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong booted off flight for wearing saggy pants

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has “better things to do than worry about saggy pants,” folks: or, at least, that’s what he told a Southwest Airlines attendant who asked him to pull up his pants on a recent flight, anyway.

Fortunately – or perhaps unfortunately, as the case may be – The Fashion Police don’t have better things to worry about than saggy pants (saggy pants being one of the most serious offences on our citation sheet), so let’s hear what you all think about Billie Joe, and whether or not he and his pants should have been allowed to fly.

One crucial piece of evidence is, of course, missing here: we don’t know how low the pants in question were sagging, and how much of Billie Joe’s underwear was on show. Indeed, we don’t even know if Billie Joe was wearing underwear, although we expect Southwest Airlines would probably be able to tell us. This fact alone is disturbing: we tend to be of the opinion that if other people are privy to information about the state of your undies, you probably need to pull your pants up, but, of course, that’s just us.

What do you think, Fashion Police jurors? How low is too low? Should people be denied transport if they feel to meet certain standards relating to sagging? Tell us!

(The story, by the way, has a happy ending, in that Billie Joe was allowed to catch the next flight. We have no idea what he did about his pants, though…)


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