Graeme Armour’s feather knee shorts

Knees. They’re the hardest area to shave, aren’t they? And if you don’t keep on top of it, just look at what happens: giant, hairy knees!

And look! They even look strange from the back!

Still, given that these are actually feathers, as we’re sure you deduced from the title of this post, at least they’ll come in handy for dusting the furniture. All of those knee-height coffee tables and other items? Just walk around the room and watch them get cleaner as you go! The floors, meanwhile? Well, those may be a little bit trickier, but we’re sure you’ll work it out. And just think of all the fun you’ll have sliding around the house on your knees!

OK, those are the only reasons we can think of to wear these. And given that they cost $545 – yes, for some sheer cycle shorts with feathers attached to them – they’ll make a pretty expensive feather duster. In fact, you may be better off just attaching a regular feather duster to a pair of your existing shorts. It’ll be an awful lot cheaper, and let’s face it: it couldn’t look much worse than these do, could it?

Still, if you want to buy these ones, and are prepared to pay for that privilege, who are we to stop you? Click here to buy them at Opening Ceremony.

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