Got a style dilemma?

style dilemma

Got a style dilemma or a burning fashion question you need answered? Now you can submit your Fashion Police queries quickly, easily and anonymously (if you so desire) over at our profile. We’ll be sharing the most interesting and frequently asked questions here on the blog, so you can get some extra input and other opinions from our Style Squad, a.k.a. you, our readers.

What are you waiting for? Click here to submit your question…

P.S. Our profile has only been live for 24 hours, and we’ve added what we thought was a clear disclaimer to it, but already we’re getting questions about Joan Rivers and the E! Network TV show of the same name, so maybe this is as good an opportunity as any to quickly reiterate that we’re not the E! Network – we have no connection to the show, and we’re not able to answer any questions about it – thanks!

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