Good Clothes Gone Bad | The Back-Slit Dress

Remember when we talked about when good clothes go bad? Well, here’s another example…

ASOS full-skirted dress

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Now,  in fairness, this one could’ve gone either way. It’s one of those dresses that got an instant, “OMGLOVEIT!” reaction from us, quickly followed by a, “Or DO I?” The shape is amazing, is as the subtle print, which seems just right for the upcoming winter seasons. Dresses with sleeves are still rare enough to make us want to buy every one we see (Seriously, why so many short-sleeved dresses in winter, fashion designers? Don’t you all get cold? Do you really want us to spoil your beautiful designs by layering cardigans and scarves over the top every single time we wear them?), and did we mention how awesome the full-skirt is on this? Awesome, seriously. The shiny fabric and the seams along the bust, however, did give us some pause for thought: and then there was THIS:

dress with back slit

And instantly, a good dress goes bad.

Seriously, why would they do this? Not only does the back stick out from the model’s body, creating an awkward sideways-silhouette, we also have to ask how on earth – or rather WHERE on earth – you’d wear something like this? Super-thick fabric, with a high-neck and long sleeves: that’s going to be pretty warm, right? When we saw it from the front, we thought, “great dress for cold weather” – but then there’s the whole issue of the naked lower back. When is it ever simultaneously so cold that you need long (THICK) sleeves and a high neck, but also so warm that you can happily bare your back to the elements? We have no idea. All we know is that if we owned this, we’d end up having to wear something under it to cover the lower back: which renders that detail totally redundant.

Why’d do you it, ASOS? If you’d just given it a normal, filled-in back, you COULD have had £150 from us. As it is, it’s just another good dress gone bad…

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