I think it’s cute for some reason :) and i …

Comment on Golden Globes after party: Ashley Tisdale in a fringed mini skirt by Angela.

i think it’s cute for some reason 🙂 and i agree with Hoshi: finally a celebrity teenager who isn’t trying their hardest to put EVERYTHING on display!!! thank god.

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i LOVE this dress!!!!

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

Anne Hathaway at the One Day premiere
It’s a pity. That dress is really pretty, but her hair and makeup are so sloppy they take away from it entirely. The makeup is a tad TOO pale, even for her, and her hair looks limp and lifeless. She’s a gorgeous girl and she can DEFINITELY look better than this!

Bonnie Wright at the 2011 BAFTA Awards
if this were floor length, i’d be IN LOVE WITH IT.
as it stands, i love the dress, HATE the length
and she is GORGEOUS

Style on Trial: Steampunk patent leather pumps by High Heel Junkie
Yay! 11000% Yay! i’d wear these to death

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