Gold rubber brogues: are they EVER acceptable?


It’s no secret that The Fashion Police have a dislike of rubber/plastic shoes that goes slightly beyond rational. Crocs, jelly shoes, you name it – we hate ’em all, and we’re not willing to make an exception for these gold rubber brogues by Melissa, because … well, because they’re rubber brogues. Gold ones. And we just can’t think of a single occasion on which these would be the preferred choice of footwear. Even Crocs, after all, are acceptable as gardening shoes, or on the feet of people who have no other choice but to wear them, but these? When and why would you ever need a pair of gold rubber brogues, we wonder? Sure, they’d be waterproof in very wet weather, but so would lots of shoes that don’t look like this, no?

In the spirit of full disclosure, we’re going to hold our hands up here and say we don’t particularly like brogues anyway, regardless of what they’re made of. We can find nothing to love about that sensible, lace-up look, so we wouldn’t be rushing to buy these even if they weren’t made of rubber. Given that they are, though, we’re keen to hear what you, our beloved Fashion Jury think. Are these just what you’ve been looking for all your life? Would you wear them? If so, they’re £50 at Browns.

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