Gladiator sandals get out of control: Faith’s ‘Joman’ sandal boots

Gladiator_sandals This is what happens when the current trend for gladiator sandals is allowed to go unchecked – you end up with a shoe like Faith’s ‘Joman’ sandal on your hands. Or on your feet, rather.

Would you have these on your feet, though? Well, no one seemed keen on high-leg gladiators last time we asked you about them, and while we think the ordinary, low-rise sandals can look rather chic during the summer, we can’t say we disagree with you on that one.

Have Faith’s ‘Joman’ sandals, plus the repeated exposure to gladiator styles all summer, managed to change your mind? If so, you can buy them here for £60.

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Gladiator sandals are back. Jean Paul Gaultier gets carried away…

Gladiatorsandals Remember how gladiator sandals were all the rage last summer? It’s going to be even worse this year. And actually, we like gladiator sandals quite a lot, but when they’ve been turned into slightly creepy, skeletal looking boots, then we think we’ll have to pass.

These are by Jean Paul Gaultier, and are $1425 at eLuxury. We’re thinking that upper leg part might get a little hot and sweaty on warmer days, but mostly we’re just ever so slightly freaked out by the fact that they make us think of skeleton legs.

What’s your verdict? 

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