Pink plastic gladiator sandals by Givenchy help you dress like a toddler


Oh, Givenchy. Oh no. What have you done, here? This infringement of Fashion Police style laws was reported by Sophia, who observes that these look more or less exactly like kid’s shoes. We really hoped to discover that they were, in fact, kids shoes, because we felt that only the under 5s could really rock this look, but no – they’re available at Zappos in adult sizes, and for $169, so that hope is dashed.

Zappos, incidentally, claim that these will "look delightful paired with shorts or a baby doll dress." Yes, Zappos : on a toddler. When, oh when, will the "dress like a toddler" trend end?

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  • May 10, 2008


    Aha!! My four year old cousin has a pair just like those!!!

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