Giuseppe Zanotti makes architectural wedge sandals. Fashion Police wonder who will wear them?


There’s been a whole lot of gushing about Giuseppe Zanotti’s Architectural wedge sandals around the fashion blogosphere this week, with most commentators focusing on how very "work of art" like they are. We say: "That’s all well and good, but who in God’s name is going to actually wear them?" Works of art, you see, are generally meant to be placed on display so that people can gasp over and admire them. This is also true of shoes, of course, with the important distinction that shoes also have to be worn on your feet. And you have to walk in them. (Well, sometimes.)

Now, I love me some high heels: in fact, I rarely wear anything else. I tend to think, though, that even I, with my shortened hamstrings, would feel a little vulnerable perched on top of these here "works of art". And that $750 is a lot of money to spend on a shoe that would spend a lot of time sitting in the closet, being a work of art.

Of course, The Fashion Police have very little truck for the "but it’s art!" argument, as applied to fashion. Yes, fashion is an art form, but it’s pretty useless unless you can also wear it. Would you wear these shoes?

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