Ew. Ew. This so does not belong in Wanted at …

Comment on Wanted! Giuseppe Zanotti’s rose embellished wedge shoes by pin-up kimbrrrly.

Ew. Ew. This so does not belong in Wanted at all. there should be an Unwanted section solely for this shoe, no pun intended.

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Fashion Police Checkpoint! Tell us what you’re wearing right now….
Oh jeez.
You caught me; a sky blue robe, an ORLANDO! tee, and Abercrombie sweats. Oh, and leg warmers.<3 I actually look rather cute for a lazy bum!

Shoe Style on Trial: Christian Louboutin’s gold spiked heels
Oh my dear Christian, what have you done?!

Style on Trial: Anthropologie’s sculpted flower boots
ick. not even if the right person was wearing them. they’re hideous.

Shoe Porn: Red ‘Coca’ sandals by Martinez Valero
The faux diamonds definitely ruined it for me. I guess I’m just not a costume jewelry girl.

Wear or Die: All White on the Night
Ooh. Upon reading the rules for Wear or Die, I think I’ve come up with a slightly less-heinous solution. A white camisole, a decent bra, and a nice pair of darkwash skinny jeans could do wonder.

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