I HATE these shoes. I know the wedge heel is …

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I HATE these shoes. I know the wedge heel is in right now, but I hate it.

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Crime of Fashion: Urban Outfitters’ Luxe Rose Quilted Yoke Dress
All I keep thinking is how much that model looks like Ashlee Simpson. Sorry I got distracted, the dress was to ugly to look at.

Star Style Wars: Rachel Bilson v. Candice Swanepoel
Love Rachel Bilson, but I think the model wore it best. Hate the dress.

The Sun slates Angelina Jolie’s style, uses Photoshop to dress her up as Posh, Paris and S.J.P.
She does need a style make-over like….NOW! Maybe all she needs is a nanny to have some time for herself and go out shopping. I think she wears brad pitt’s clothes.

Celebrities in Fancy Dress: Paris Hilton, Avril Lavigne & Rumer Willis
I think Rumer dressed up as ashlee simpson.

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