I think this is insane. It is a shirt. If …

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I think this is insane. It is a shirt. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. It is not JCPenny’s job to decide the morals for the country. I don’t see people getting all up in arms over Abercrombie selling miniskirts to 12 year olds. I think this is no different. Would I biuy it for my daughter? Absolutly not. Do I think JCPenny has any obligation to remove it from their stores (which they did)? no. The shirt isn’t meant to be taken literally. It is just a play on a princess mentallity. I think the general public needs to lighten up and stop trying to push social problems on companys

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if it weren’t too long, i would really love this!

Jessica Chastain

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aside from the fact that it looks like her bust is barely contained from the side, i actually quite like this

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I think this is my favorite post you have ever done. It is so spot on! Hillarious!

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I liked Nicky Hilton’s look okay. That was deff. the best way. The others looked either sloppy or trashy.

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