I think it is a horrible lesson to teach to …

Comment on Girls are too pretty to do homework, says this JC Penney shirt by Minka.

I think it is a horrible lesson to teach to your kids – that being pretty somehow makes it unnecessary to work hard to reach your goals. Maybe some find something like this shirt funny, but I think it is wrong to expose kids to such message.

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Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing for New Year’s Eve?
I opted for a gold sequin skirt, black tank-top and black jacket, black tights and gold ballet flats. Nothing too fancy but with a bit of a sparkle.

Kristen Stewart
Despite the fact this is a shress and there is so much wrong about it, I love this look.

Mayim Bialik
This dress looks too sad for a beautiful woman like Mayim!

Olivia Holt
She looks very girly and fresh – I absolutely adore this look! 🙂

Saoirse Ronan
I am not the fan of that dress, but it would look some much better with nice heels. Now it just makes her proportions look all weird.

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