Girls are too pretty to do homework, says this JC Penney shirt

This has been doing the rounds on Twitter today.

Nothing like a nice bit of gender stereotyping on your kid’s clothes, is there? Hey, girls, forget about working hard and achieving something with your life! Leave that to the boys, instead! You are TOO PRETTY to worry your cute little head about such things. Also: OMGJUSTINBIEBER!!!!!

And, OK, sure, we know it’s just a shirt. It’s not supposed to be taken seriously, and it’s not like your smart little 7-16 year old is going to pull on a shirt and suddenly turn into an airhead. Clothes aren’t THAT powerful, after all. But still: surely there are better messages to be giving our children than “as long as you’re pretty, you don’t have to be clever, tee hee!”?

This has been causing a bit of a stir today around various parenting sites, but what do you think? Storm in a teacup or a poor message to be giving the young ‘uns?

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