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Ginnifer Goodwin takes on the “curtain dress” challenge

Ginnifer Goodwin

Last week, Leighton Meester took on the style challenge presented by what we’ve come to think of as the “curtain dress” – i.e. it’s a normal dress from the knees up, but from the knees down? It’s pretty much a net curtain. Sometimes a particularly ugly one.

Judging by the comments on that post, Leighton’s brave attempt was not a success – or at least, not in the eyes of the the ladies and gentlemen of the Fashion Police Jury. The celebrities aren’t going to give up, though, Oh, hell to the no! They’ll continue to pit their fashion wits against the might of the curtain dress, and they’ll do it for as long as fashion designers deem the style to be, like, SO hot, dahlinks.

The latest celebrity to go head to head with The Dress is Ginnifer Goodwin, who wore this Chanel number to MOCA’s Annual Gala “The Artist’s Museum Happening”. Did she succeed where Leighton Meester failed? We think it’s a much better attempt, and we tend to find Ginnifer cute no matter what she does, but we’re letting you guys be the judge here, so give us your verdict in the comments box!

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