Zazzle Keds – get your Keds with your choice of image

Fp_keds_2Clearly we have way too much time on our hands.

We made these shoes over at Zazzle, where you can design your own pair of Keds, adding any image or piece of text you want, changing the colours, deleting the whole thing and starting again with a new image…. Yes, it’s pretty addictive, it has to be said.

Obviously, the potential for crimes of fashion is absolutely unlimited here – if you think these shoes are bad, you should have seen the “shants” shoes we made first – but there’s also the potential to create a pretty funky, totally unique pair of shoes, should you want to. There are three different styles of Keds to choose from, with each of them costing $60 – so tell us: what would you put on yours?

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