Get Knotted

It’ll soon be shorts season, folks, but we’re not quite there yet, which means many of us are in search of the perfect transitional pieces, to wear now AND wear later in the season:

William Okpo knotted pants

William Okpo knotted pants, $210

Er, these pants aren’t it, by the way: these are just perfect for people who can’t make their minds up whether to wear shorts or pants. Or who really, really like their thighs, and want the world to know it.

destroyed denim jacket

Faustine Steinmetz destroyed denim jacket, $1,320

The more destroyed something is, and the less wearable it is, the more expensive it is. So, if a denim jacket, say, looks like a denim jacket, and performs the basic functions of a denim jacket (i.e providing light coverage), it’ll be much cheaper than a jacket that looks like it’s been ruthlessly hacked at with a pair of blunt scissors, and then tossed in the trash. Funny how that works, huh?

Faustine Steinmetz  pleated denim pants

Faustine Steinmetz pleated denim pants, $775

You know when you throw a delicate fabric in the dryer by mistake, and it comes out creased beyond all recognition, forcing you to spend the next two hours painstakingly trying to iron it back to normal, before finally admitting defeat, and accepting that you’ve just ruined your favourite item of clothing? Some people will pay $775 for that effect. Then they’ll cough up an extra $820 for the matching jacket:

pleated denim jacket

Don’t think the odd “belly top” this model is wearing has escaped our attention either, by the way. We’re not totally opposed to crop tops – they can actually be pretty awesome with high-waisted skirts or trousers – but the asymmetric nature of this one reminds us of a “body suit gone wrong”. If you’ve ever tried to wear a body suit that was slightly too small, or too high cut, you’ll probably know what we’re talking about here. This does seem to be a bodysuit of some description, and while we have to assume it’s not actually as uncomfortable as it looks, the fact that it LOOKS uncomfortable is enough to put us off, even although it’s by far the nicest part of this outfit. Not that that’s saying much, mind you…

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