Geri Halliwell in ‘Holiday Sweater’ Shocker!

Gerhaliiwell Well, whaddya know! No sooner do we write about our hatred of holiday sweaters than who should pop up in one but ol’ Geri Halliwell! Well, sort of: this isn’t nearly as offensive as some sweaters we could mention, but it does have something of the "your granny knitted it so you WILL wear it!" about it, no?

Holiday sweaters aside, I think Geri’s been looking rather fabulous lately, and those leg-lengthening boot cuts almost make me want to forsake my beloved skinny jeans and go back to bootcuts instead. Almost, I said…

Geri was snapped in Hollywood, where she’s busy rehearsing for the upcoming Spice Girls tour. Now, those are some stage costumes The Fashion Police can’t wait to see!

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  • November 13, 2007


    Actually I rather like this one!! To me this is more “yeah, man, just came off the piste” than novelty sweater. Though I’m not sure the snowboarder look works quite so convincingly in Hollywood…

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