Genie Pants: like harem pants, but without the dropped crotch. (Thankfully)


By now you all know where The Fashion Police stand on the harem pants issue: we hate them, and judging by the responses we tend to get to our harem pants posts, many of you (although not all of you) agree with us.

What if there was a slightly more palatable version of harem pants, though? One that had all the comfort of the offending pants, but without the appearance of a full diaper hidden beneath the waist? What would you think of those, we wonder?

Well, there is: they’re called "genie pants", and they’re basically, wide, cuffed jogging pants. You know, just like genies wear? The ones shown above are by Brochu Walker and are $345 at Shopbop. Now, we’ve said it before: we’re just not fans of cuffed ankles anyway, and especially not elasticated ones, which tend to ride up the wearer’s legs, leaving them with their pants at two different heights. That may not happen with these ones, granted, but we also think all that fabric flapping around the ankles would start to annoy us pretty quickly, which is why we’d have to say "no" to these. What about you?

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