I love every part of this, and i love her. …

Comment on Celebrity Style on Trial: Gemma Arterton at the James Bond: Quantum of Solace London premiere by livlah.

i love every part of this, and i love her. i have an enormous girl crush on her, she can do no wrong.

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Five Fashion Phrases We Hate: feel free to add your own
My big one is “work back” or “work it back”, as in, “Work back your sequin mini with a man-style blazer”. I cannot express how this irritates me.

Daylight Robbery: Balmain’s ¬£532 belt
this is really a joke.
you can’t reeeally tell from this picture, but it doesnt actually even look like leather, it looks like that cheap plastic imatation leather..

River Island, New Look and the mysterious case of the ruffled bow skirt
i love it. a lot.

Fashion Trends: Union Jack clothing and accessories
i’ve loved the union jack since THE union jack dress..(ginger spice…y’know)
i’m not a brit, i’m australian, we’re lucky because we get the union jack AND a tonne of stars. which are EVERYWHERE..i think the whole world is experiencing a surge of patriotism.
everything here is emblazoned with the southern cross, shoes, bags, singlets (i have one..), bikinis (i have one of those too..) and pretty much everything else.

Cesare Paciotti has The Fashion Police seeing double
i love these. i would wear them everyday.

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