HAHAHA omg i did a project/presentation on gareth pugh as …

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HAHAHA omg i did a project/presentation on gareth pugh as part of my textiles a level, and like my main point was that i’d love to wear something he has made just to wear around town and see how many people i could knock out with it 😉

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ASOS two-tone tights – as seen on Pixie Geldof
at first glance i lvoed the black and white ones
but looking on the website, the nude and black ones are looking good. they look much better with shoes on
i want some

Clothes-That-Are-Stuck-Together: McQ cotton scarf t-shirt
omg this exact thing happened to me today,
i saw this scarf in zara that was like wrapped around this pretty hideous dress. so i went to try and take the scarf off and see how much it was but i almost cried when i found out it was attached

The Adult Onesie, by Topshop Boutique
LOL i searched “adult onesie” on google image search and this came up first
dont ask why i was searching it
my brother just tried to put one on from baby gap thinking it would fit him even though he’s 22 hahaha

Daniel Palillo t-shirt with multiple neckholes. For people with multiple heads, presumably.
LMAOO omg i have to say this is the cutest thing ive ever seen
he’s like looking at it like “wut 🙁 did i put it on wrong?”
looks just like one of my friends too

Pierrot hat with pom poms from Toshop: explain, please…
the worst thing about this, is that i could make this in like two mins by taking a piece of paper out the pritner next to me and rolling it up a bit.
but i suppose it’s good if you have a massive lump on your head

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