Oh hell, I would not wear this even if they …

Comment on Gareth Pugh’s zigzag jumpsuit – £355 well spent. Not. by lorrwill.

Oh hell, I would not wear this even if they paid me what it costs.
Put this in the pile with the crocs, douse it with petrol and set it aflame, please.

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Harem hell: C.Neeon Tuttifrutti Bird Jumper
Presuming there is a lithe or perfectly shapely model under this – and it makes her look shapeless and dumpy – what hope is there for the rest of us.
That’s a no vote.

Guest Post: Would you wear… UpFactory’s veins and arteries stockings?
Yes, if I would being paid obscene amounts of money to do a monster movie or vampire video shoot. Otherwise, hell no.

‘Boho’ harem pants: save us!
I am trying to calculate how much I would have to be paid to wear these in public.
Still calculating…

Guest Post: Handbag(s) of the Week – Matt & Nat
They look cheap and plasticy. I am not surprised that they don’t hold up well. Seriously, plastic? Come on.

Best of The Fashion Police: The Half Suit
Easily one of the most disturbing things I have seen in a long time. Okay a week since I saw the purses shaped like little dogs to carry your purse dog in. That was wrong on a bunch of levels, too.

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