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Gareth Pugh’s “skirt trousers”: excellent for superheroes

We should probably begin this post by pointing out that it wasn’t us who decided to christen this garment “skirt-trousers” : that title comes direct from Louisa Via Roma, or perhaps from Gareth Pugh himself, who knows?

Whoever coined the term, though, we think they got it wrong. These aren’t REALLY “skirt trousers”, are they? They’re “trousers with a curtain stuck to the back of them”. No, they are. We’re reminded here of the dress-up games we used to play as children. You know, when someone wears a net curtain on her head and calls herself a “bride”? Or when someone else takes that curtain, sticks it down the back of their pants and calls themselves a “superhero”.

Yes, you’re right, we’re joking about that last one. Superheroes would NEVER hang their cape out the back of their pants, which begs the question: WHAT GIVES, GARETH? What’s this all about then, eh? EH? “Skirt pants”, you say? SKIRT PANTS?!

What’s the world of fashion coming to, readers, when you can buy “skirt pants”: but only if you’re willing to spend £811/$1,296 on them.

Get them here, if so.

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