Galliano’s Pink Jester Hat: for the fashionable fool


When we first laid eyes on this item, we had one of those "What the hell is it?" moments, as we stared at it uncomprehendingly, wondering which part of the body it was supposed to adorn. Then we got it: it's a hat. You know, like court jesters used to wear back in the day, only this one is pink, and with some perplexing smiley face badges stuck to it.

And, having worked out what it was, we thought it might be a good weapon in our continuing fight against crimes of fashion, given to those fashion criminals whose offences aren't quite bad enough to warrant jail time, but which still need to be pointed out. In other words, it would be like the Fashion Police equivalent of a Dunce's Cap and it could be awarded to, say, those poor fashion victims who actually buy the items we call Daylight Robbery, "because they're designer, OMG!"

Or we could just force them to wear the matching bum bag:


Or maybe both, depending on the severity of the crime?

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