Furry mules: still a crime of fashion

furry slides

furry mules

Well, THIS is disappointing.

We really thought that furry slides were one of those flash-in-the-pan fashion trends that would be left well and truly behind us in 2015. One of those trends, in fact, that people would look back on a few months later, and think “what on EARTH was I thinking?”

We STILL think that’s probably going to happen at some point, but unfortunately it seems we’re going to have to wait a little while longer for it to happen, because look what we just found at Topshop: yup, furry slides. In a choice of three colours. Is that someone calling the Fashion Police, we hear?

These are £56, which seems like quite a lot of money to us for something that looks… well, like THIS, basically. With that said, we can’t really imagine thinking any price would be reasonable here – not even if we were buying them purely as slippers, with the intention of wearing them around the house. (Side note: it’s a sign of what the fashion world has come to that we actually have to clarify here that slippers are what we’d wear ‘around the house’, but with the line between “pyjamas” and “outdoor clothes” now blurred to the point where it doesn’t actually exist any more, we think the disclaimer is probably necessary…) In fact, you’d actually have to pay US to wear these in public, and we probably wouldn’t do it for £56, either.

So, have Topshop got it wrong, or are people going to be lining up to buy these? Well, we’ve said it before, but this is yet another so-called trend that we’ve only ever seen on fashion bloggers and reality TV stars, so we’ll be surprised if people start wearing them to work, say. Unless, of course, they work as the aforementioned fashion bloggers and reality TV stars, obviously…

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