Fun Dress Up Game Lets You Try on the 27 Dresses

Dressupgames Dozens of working hours are lost at Fashion Police HQ every month as we sit around playing with various fun dress up games that we find online.

This one, for instance, comes from the makers of 27 Dresses, and allows you to upload a photo of yourself, and then use it to try on the 27 dresses in question – or a few of them, anyway.

What’s even more fun, though? Uploading a picture of your favourite (or least favourite) celebrity and then seeing how ridiculous you can make them look.

Can you guess which celeb we’ve dressed up in bright pink and ruffles?

(Play the game yourself at the 27 Dresses Design Studio)

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And, of course, there’s always H&M’s ‘Virtual Self’ – game which lets you dress up… yourself. In clothes from H&M, naturally.

Got any more fun, fashion-related dress up games? Tell us about them in the comments and we’ll add them to our list!

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