From the “It Could Be Curtains” Files: SUNO Flowy Wide Leg Pants

Floral wide leg pants

What is it with floral print, seriously? Why is it so hard for designers to use it without it looking like they pulled down an old pair of curtains, Scarlett O’Hara style, and got busy with the scissors?

While we’re on the subject: what is it with wide leg pants? Is there some rule we’re not aware of stating that they MUST be made in the brightest, or most hideous print possible? Look, we’ve said nothing about the Curse of the Wide Leg Red Pants that has been sweeping the internet lately. We know most people seem to love them, even although their wearers have all blatantly been Foot-Snatched, and some look like they’re wearing stilts, too. (OK, we’re going to say it: CLOWN PANTS. They’re CLOWN PANTS. Why are people wearing CLOWN PANTS?) (Note: We know that some people wear those pants and look just marvellous in them. If you’re reading this, then you are one of those people for sure.) We just can’t hold our tongues with these SUNO trousers, though. Because we could re-upholster our couch with them, send it back in time to 1952, and we STILL wouldn’t feel like we’d done enough to rid the world of these.

So, basically, what we’re trying to say here is that we don’t like them. Do you?

They’re $702, by the way. We could BUY a couch for that. Click here if you want to buy these instead.

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