Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

From the Front Line of Fashion: Drop crotch trousers in real life!


It takes bravery to be a Fashion Police Officer. Not only do you face dangerous fashion criminals every day, sometimes you have to get up close and personal with them – to take one for the team, if you will – just like brave Officer Mousy did when she tried on those pink foil trousers for us in the name of "fashion".

Well, folks, today we take you once more to the front-line of fashion, investigating what items of clothing usually thought of as "crimes" look like in real life. The photos above were submitted by an Undercover Officer whose identity has been protected for her own safety. Here she is, entering the hostile territory of the Marks and Spencer changing rooms and trying on these cropped harem pants – so we don't have to.

Our intrepid officer says, "Admittedly I've chosen poses to show them off to their most gruesome potential, and they were never meant to go with those boots, but then they don't exactly look great on their web site either."

So, there you go, readers: harem pants do exist in real life, and we think our anonymous officer deserves the highest of commendations for her actions today: not many would be brave enough!

(Of course, if you'd like to go over the top, to the front line of fashion, be our guests – and look out for more posts on this subject coming up in the future!)

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