From the Fashion Police jail….


If you’re new to The Fashion Police:

a) Where have you been all our lives?
b) There’s a good chance you’ve probably missed some of the biggest fashion crimes we’ve featured here, so, just for you, we’ve taken a look inside the Fashion Police jail, and now present some of the inmates for your inspection:

The ‘Half-Suit’ – looks fine from the chest up, but don’t stand up in it, whatever you do…
Katie Holmes’ boobs – yes, they went to Fashion Police jail in October ’06, and that’s why they haven’t been seen since.
Flesh coloured stirrup tights – you may think they’re new offenders, but we’ve had a pair in custody since 2006.
A handbag that looks like an old lady’s privates. Yes, we has it.
Sometimes Louis Vuitton make real handbags that look like fake Louis Vuitton handbags. And when they do, we arrest ’em

We hope you enjoyed this short trip down memory lane. Don’t have nightmares…

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