Fringed Fashion Crimes: Romance Was Born Snowflake Fringed Skirt


Aha, so this is where Pocahontas buys her clothes these days!

Two things about this:

1. If you look closely, you'll see that the part of this skirt that actually IS a skirt, as opposed to long fronds of material, extends only to just below the crotch line. So if you want to preserve your modesty AT ALL in this, you're going to have to either wear it on top of something else or just really, really hope a stray breeze doesn't come along and lift your skirt.

2. Who wears sensible black court shoes with their multi-fringed, dip-dyed skirt? Seriously, WHO?

And that's without even mentioning the fact that it's a multi-fringed, dip-dyed skirt. Oh no, wait, we kinda did. Did we mention it costs £172? Get it here.

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