Fringe Fashion Crimes

cropped wide-leg trousers with fringe detail

asymmetric fringe skirt

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You know those home-made posters people put up when they have a room to rent, or something to sell? The ones with the little strips cut into the bottom of the page, each with the person’s phone number on it, so you can tear one off and keep it? That’s what these skirts remind us of: they’re basically just an invitation for each passer-by to tear off a strip of fabric, in the hope that another, nicer skirt, will be revealed underneath. Or a pair of baggy cropped pants, as is the case with the first item.

Sadly, we don’t think that would work, even if someone were to attempt it, in a kind of undercover attempt to fight crimes of fashion at street level: guerilla fashion-crime-fighting if you will. The reason we know it wouldn’t work is because we’ve seen what’s underneath the fringe, and it’s not a whole lot better:

cocoon dress

This doesn’t look like a poster hanging on a lamp post, or the wall of the student union. No, this one looks more like some kind of cocoon that’s been shed by whatever creature inhabited it. That’s not much better either, is it?

A lesser crime of fashion, but still not winning any prizes in the style stakes is this £337 skirt:

fringed denim skirt

When we see things like this, all we can think of is how much better it would look without the beads/fringe at the bottom – and how much our fingers itch to quickly snip them off. This item doesn’t remind us of a poster OR an insect (small mercies…): this one is one of those beaded curtains people sometimes hang in doorways to keep out flies. (So, sticking with the inset theme after all, then…)

This isn’t, of course, to say that ALL be-fringed items are crimes of fashions – or even that these ones are, necessarily. One person’s crime of fashion, after all, is another’s Most Wanted item…

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