Personally, I like the idea of a shorter skirt …

Comment on Style On Trial: Heaven & Earth Mini Frill Layered Skirt by Lisa.

Personally, I like the idea of a shorter skirt with lots of layers in different cuts. However, the pleats have to go. That should give it that interesting-but-not-busy/overdone look!

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Frankenshoes: The Benched Shoe by Jeffrey Campbell

Jennifer Lopez at the 2011 MET Gala
It somehow breaks loads of fashion rules but still manages to be absolutely stunning!

Style on Trial: Topshop World Gold Rope Cork Wedges
I like them, too. Don’t know if I would like them based on their description, but the whole is much more than the sum of its parts in this case!

Jenny McCarthy dresses down in jeans for the premiere of The Hangover
I think that the question here is not how *dressy* her outfit is but the artistic value of it, that is, how well thought-out it is. In this case, I think she looks *nice*, but I don’t see any real effort or themes… just a bunch of nice, neutral clothing and accessories thrown together before she ran out of the house. So, I personally would give her a warning and let her go free this time!

Beyonce wears Balenciaga’s ‘Lego’ shoes backstage at the AMAs
I think that girl can get away with pretty much anything, this included! I’ll admit that it’s a bit difficult to judge the shoes since they are so small in the picture, but I am personally a big fan of matchy clothes, so what the heck? Have a little fun Beyonce!

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