Frequently Asked Questions about The Fashion Police - Fashion Police

The Basics 

Who are The Fashion Police?
Who runs The Fashion Police website?


I posted a comment and it got deleted: why?
My comment hasn’t appeared. Have I been banned?
Why do you never respond to the comments on the site? Do you even read them?

Fashion and Personal Taste 

Who do you think you are, telling people what they can and can’t wear?
If you think people should wear whatever they like, why start a blog called The Fashion Police?
Well, I think your taste sucks and I disagree with everything you say!

You criticised a dress I just bought: now I’m really upset!

Terminology and Spelling

What’s a “shress”? And “shants”? I keep reading these words on your site and I don’t know what you mean!
Why do you write things like “colour” and “centre” and “neighbour”? It should be “color”, “center” and “neighbor”. Can’t you even spell?
Braces?  Um, I think you’ll find they’re called “suspenders”. Also, “vest” should be “tank top”.
I’ve spotted a typo/grammatical error on your blog. You should be ashamed!

Style Advice

I’m going to a wedding next month and I don’t know what to wear. Can you find me an outfit?

Where to buy the items featured on the site

 I found an item on your site that I’d like to buy. Where do I get it?
Why do you feature so many stores that only ship to the US/UK? I don’t live there!
Why are so many of the stores you feature UK-based?

Communicating with The Fashion Police

How do I contact you?
Why didn’t you reply to my email?
How do I report a crime of fashion?

I reported a crime of fashion/nominated a Dress of the Day but you didn’t put it on the blog. Why not?

Site Content

Where do you find the items you write about?
Where do you get the images from?
Can I use the images on my site?
Can I republish your posts on my own blog if I link back to you?

Advertising  and PR Enquiries

Why do some of the pictures have adverts on them now? I hate them!
You have too many adverts! Why do you have so many adverts?
I’d like to advertise on the site. How do I go about it?

I’d like to have my company/my client’s company featured on the site. How do I go about it?

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