Freaky Fashions: Arachnophobiacs, look away now

freaky fashionsTalk about freaky fashions: if you suffer from arachnophobia, this is probably as “freaky” as it gets!

Francesco Ballestrazzi’s ‘Black Widow’ headband sold out at Louisa Via Roma yesterday within hours of making its appearance on the site – and this was in spite of the $300 headband making it just a little bit more expensive than most people would expect a headband to be. And also in spite of the giant spider perched on top of it, obviously.

This tells us, not only that there are people in the world who think nothing of paying hundreds of dollars to walk around with a huge insect on the top of their heads, but also that life could be about to get complicated for those of you who just REALLY hate spiders. Please don’t have nightmares.

For those of you who not only LOVE spiders, but who badly want to wear them on your heads, however, don’t despair. The item above may be sold out for now, but your fashion force DID manage to track down this alternative for you:

freaky fashions: spider hatNo, it’s not exactly the same. There is that. Luckily for you, however, it’s considerably cheaper than the version above, and that’s because one is an expensive piece of high fashion, being sold by one of the world’s most exclusive fashion websites, and the other is part of a Halloween costume. Being sold at Amazon.

It just goes to show: the line between “high fashion” and “Halloween” is so fine it’s sometimes almost non-existent.



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