Frankenshoes: Vivienne Westwood’s “toe shoes”

vivienne-westwood-toe-shoesOh, Vivienne Westwood, way to ruin some perfectly good pairs of shoes! Well, OK, maybe not the black ones on the right . We’re pretty sure we’d have disliked those even if they DIDN’T look like they still had someone’s toes in them – and toes that are really feeling the pinch, at that!

These are just two examples of Vivienne Westwood’s “toe” shoes. They’re certainly not as bad as some shoes we could mention, but they still look a lot like too-tight footwear that’ve been worn until the leather molded to the toes underneath (and by someone with only four toes on each foot, too!), and we just can’t get on board with that. Can you? If so, these – and 0ther similar styles – can all be purchased from the Vivienne Westwood website.

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