Frankenshoes: Miu Miu’s lace-up cutout leather heels

Note how these are referred to simply as “heels”? That’s because they aren’t entirely sure which camp they belong to…

They start out at the toe with a sensible but sexy, office brogue feel. We’re expecting them to blossom into a T-bar, or perhaps just a clean lace-up brogue.

By the time we’ve hit the ankle straps we’re straying into dance-shoe territory – but we can let that one slide – it can make for quite a cute look.

And then you reach the ankle cuffs. The lace-up ankle cuffs. In flourescent, neon yellow.

Because we’re all walking around every day saying, “You know what’s really missing from my wardrobe? Neon yellow cutout leather heels, that’s what!”

If they’re missing from your wardrobe, you can pick up a pair from Net-a-Porter for £610.

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