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Frankenshoes: Marc Jacobs mates shoes and tables


Yes, folks, Marc Jacobs, mad scientist that he is, has been at it again, and this time his experiments seem to have centred around throwing a table and a shoe into a room and leaving them alone for a few hours to see what happened.

This is what happened: a shoe with a table-leg attached to it. And not a very nice shoe, either, if we're honest. Seriously, if you have to combine shoes and tables, Marc, could you not have picked a shoe that at least looks like it's supposed to have a heel?

Instead, he's picked a shoe that can only be described as "sensible". This shoe never wanted a stiletto heel. It wanted to be left alone, to live out its days in peace and quiet, maybe taking the odd stroll to the  shops for a cup of tea and a scone.

Instead, this happened to it. Poor shoe. If you feel like rescuing it, you can buy it here, but be warned: it may not look it, but it's $792.

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