Found! High Tide Heels by Lisa Carney

Ever since we wrote about High Tide Heels last month we’ve been inundated with emails from people wanting to know where they can buy the things. But for a long time it was a complete mystery. No one seemed to know where High Tide Heels came from, or, indeed, whether they even existed. At last, though, I’m pleased to say that the mystery is solved. Writing on Manolo’s Shoe Blog, designer Lisa Carney says:

"I am the designer of these high heeled flippers! I made them for my
catwalk show for Mercedes Australian Fashion week 2002 at Bondi
Iceberbs. This model opened the show and played the part of Ursula
Andres walking (with not alot of grace) from sea. What a laugh!"

So, there you go. And if you want to know more, Lisa’s own website would probably be the best place to look.

[via Shoewawa]

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