Forever 21 take the recession seriously, make skirts out of old scraps

Forever_21_skirt We’re sure no one reading this needs The Fashion Police to tell them that times are hard right now. Gas prices are rising, businesses are going bust, and we keep receiving press releases telling us how to become "recessionistas" and save money by buying that must-have designer handbag on sale rather than at full retail price. Genius!

In the face of such absurdity, it’s always good to see a retailer taking the economic crisis seriously, and saving money any way they can. Take Forever 21, for instance. They’ve cunningly fashioned this long skirt from old scraps of material found on their cutting room floor. Now that’s what we call being a true "recessionista"!

They say this is "fabulously eye catching".  We say they’re definitely not wrong on "eye catching" – it’s the "fabulous" bit we’re not so sure about. Are you? Would you wear this skirt? If the answer is "yes", you can buy it for $27.80 from Forever 21.

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