Spotted! Footwear Impostors make a comeback

A few years ago, many of The Fashion Police’s arrests revolved around what we termed ‘Footwear Impostors”: boots pretending to be shoes; shoes pretending to be socks – that kind of thing.

Footwear Impostors have almost died out in recent years: in fact, we started to think our mission had been successful, and we’d managed to round ’em all up, leaving shoe stores filled with shoes and boots that were exactly what they looked like. THAT’S the sort of footwear you can trust, isn’t it?

Now, however, it is with heavy hearts we must report a new sighting of a Footwear Impostor:

shoe with attached sock sock/shoe hybrid

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It could be worse. They could have attached the lurex socks to a pair of Birkenstocks. Actually, we’re kinda surprised they didn’t, considering how trendy Birkenstocks are at the moment…

(Aside: can you imagine how annoyed the people who’ve always worn Birkenstocks purely for comfort reasons, saying they don’t care what they look like, must be to suddenly find themselves looking like fashion victims? That has to suck…)

Although it COULD be worse, however, that doesn’t mean it’s not pretty bad as it is. On a personal taste note, we wouldn’t wear either the shoes or the socks on their own (Well, we might wear the socks, we guess, but only with jeans or something…), let alone together, but even if we DID decide the two were perfectly matched, and wanted to wear them as an ensemble, we think we’d appreciate the ability to separate them again at the end of the day, wouldn’t you? Or do you always wear the same shoes with the same socks, and frequently find yourself wishing you could just stick ’em together and be done with it?

If you would, these are for you – but only if you have a spare $586 to pay for them…

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